Susan Conroy has made numerous appearances on , including EWTN Live, Bookmark and Life on the Rock.
Update: Susan's most recent appearance: an episode of EWTN's At Home with Jim & Joy
aired Aug 22, 2016 10:30EDT and Bookmark aired Sept 4, 2016. Both are available below!
Sept 4 is the day Mother Teresa was canonized - Susan was on hand in Rome that day!

Many of her appearances are now available on EWTN's YouTube Channel - Other online video of her is available as well.
(A number of them have been provided below.)

EWTN At Home With Jim And Joy - Susan Conroy - 2016-08-22

EWTN Bookmark - Praying with Mother Teresa - 9/4/2016

EWTN Life on the Rock - Susan Conroy - 2-26-2016

EWTN Bookmark - Doug Keck with Susan Conroy - 3-15-2015

EWTN Live - Coming to Christ - Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J. with Susan Conroy - 6-4-2014

Life on the Rock - Power & Witness - Susan Conroy Speaking on the Spiritual Life - Fr. Mark and Doug with with Susan Conroy - 5-6-2013

Susan Conroy presents "Simple Charity through the example of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta" at the 4th Symposium for Catholic Medical Professionals sponsored by the Archdiocese of Baltimore Posted 7-23-2014

EWTN Bookmark - The End of the Present World - Doug Keck with Susan Conroy - 11-21-2010

Life on the Rock - Speaking of Saints - Fr. Mark and Doug with Susan Conroy - 09-23-2010

EWTN Live - Mother Teresa - Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J. with Susan Conroy - 06-30-2010
Focus TV Online interviewed Susan when she was visiting New Orleans, Louisiana
in late 2011 to discuss her first book and her time with Mother Teresa in India.
They now offer a DVD of that appearance. Below is a preview.
They also offer Susan's book for sale.

Susan talks about her book, Coming To Christ, with Matt Swaim of the Son Rise Morning Show 11-20-2014

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